York Care Centre Staff Donates to Fredericton Community Kitchen

York Care Centre was pleased to present a cheque in the amount of $5220.00 to the Fredericton Community Kitchen.
This donation was made possible by those who contribute to ‘Dress Down Friday’!!!

Terry Christie, Treasurer Board of Directors, Fredericton Community Kitchen indicated the Fredericton Community Kitchen distributes 356 bag lunches per day to 18 local schools
and provides 14, 000 meals on a monthy basis (this includes school lunches, outreach and 3 meals per day provided by the community kitchen) to those who are in need.
Thank you to those who contribute to our Dress Down Friday program – your contribution is certainly going to a worthwhile cause.

Pictured from left to right: Roberta Watson (Care Department), Trudy Edmondson (Administration), Terry Christie, Heather Michon (Environmental Department) & Liam Endresen (Dietary Department)

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