A copy of all presentations for 2017 Excellence in Aging Care Symposium
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2017 Symposium Program- English

2017 Symposium Program- Francais

2017 Symposium Registration Form

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Symposium on Excellence in Aging Care:

This Annual Event brings well over 250 people together from across the Atlantic Provinces and as far away as Norway!  The intent of the event is to provide a forum where the latest thinking in Aging Care is presented to policy makers, caregivers, advocacy groups, boards of directors, and the public.  Excellence in service to folks who require assistance in elder years is maintained only as we discard old practices and embrace new thinking and knowledge.  Speakers typically come from Manitoba, Ontario, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, Europe, Scandinavia…..wherever we can find people on the leading edge in Aging Care.

The Symposium affords the opportunity for suppliers to show products and services to people who want the best for their organizations.  It provides sponsorship opportunities for organizations who will benefit from being associated with the Excellence brand.  It provides an opportunity for participants to come together to share information on a formal and informal basis.  The Symposium has now operated successfully for several years and has become associated with excellence and great knowledge translation.  It is always held the last week of September of each year.

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