Why Should I Contribute to York Foundation?
The funding formula that governs nursing home revenue and expense does not provide for many of the elements that make an organization excel: Spiritual Care; Research and Innovation; Resident Transportation; Resident Activity elements; Dental Service; and the list goes on.

How Will My Gift Be Recognized?
Gifts that exceed $100 are noted on the beautiful Donor Wall that graces the main lobby of York Care Centre. Gifts of $3000 or over are recognized also with a plaque placed in a location of your choosing throughout the complex. Then you will receive recognition at one of our donor receptions with photos placed on our website and/or in the local newspaper.

Can I give anonymously?
Absolutely. Based on your preferences, your gift will be received without publicity at any level.

Can I give systematically?
We have the option of giving on a sustained monthly or annual basis and can automate that for you so that it all happens with a minimum of paperwork.

Can I designate my gift?
Absolutely; gifts can be designated to be applied to specific projects of the York Care Centre. For instance, some choose to contribute to the Yeamans Scholarship Fund; others choose the Music and Memory Project; others choose the Therapeutic Activity Program; others will choose the Spiritual Care Program…..these are your funds and they need to be invested in a project that brings you satisfaction and joy.

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