Our Journey Towards Excellence


York Care Centre has become a “Centre of Excellence”. Throughout our journey towards excellence, we have established:

  • Resident-Centred Care: responding to the needs of our residents
  • Service Excellence: high concentration on resident and family satisfaction
  • High Quality clinical care: clinical outcomes, dignity, safety, resident comfort
  • Clear accountability at Governance and Management levels
  • Focus on people: staff satisfaction through much communication, staff professional development and education,workplace safety, quality of work environment, nrecognition based on Character
  • Community/External Relations: cultivated relationships with partners and local community groups, successful volunteer program, vibrant Foundation
  • Adequate funding: York Foundation Inc. was established to raise the profile of York Care Centre within the community to generate funds, and to support initiatives that strengthen the Centre
  • Academic Partnerships: arrangement with universities and colleges for research and clinical training

Our goal is service excellence as we believe the residents
of York Care Centre deserve the very best!

What Makes York Care Centre a Centre of Excellence in Aging Care

  • Privacy and many modern conveniences for gracious living for our residents
  • Single, spacious resident rooms
  • A Culture of Excellence based on Character
  • Falls Reduction / Least Restraint
  • EMAR System (medication administration)
  • Narrative Care Program
  • Family Advocacy Group
  • Snoezlen Room
  • PEACE Initiative: promoting the awareness of elder abuse
  • Annual Symposium on Excellence in Aging Care
  • Model absenteeism program
  • Formation of Atlantic Institute on Aging
  • Academic Partnerships: teaching nursing home
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