In June of 1966 when the York County Council was abolished by the government of the day, York County Properties was formed to take over the assets of the County Council. At the time York County Properties took over the operation of what was referred to as the “Poor House”, a 28 bed building. The intention of this new company was to build a modern nursing home for the Fredericton area, therefore, on April 1, 1968 the York Care Centre seventy six bed nursing home was opened. The old York Home building, as it was called, continued to house the 28 residents and became part of the nursing home beds. It was determined that there was a need for more beds so on September 14, 1974 the Dixon Lodge was opened. This brought the total number of beds to 167.

After much debate it was determined that more beds were needed and there was a need to replace the old York Home which, at this point, was in poor repair. On May 27, 1981 construction was completed to add 31 new beds and replace the old structure. Since one building had been referred to as York Care Centre it was decided to rename the buildings as Best – Allen – Dixon and to call the total complex York Care Centre. There were 200 beds at this time.

In 1994 it was determined that a special unit was needed for Alzheimer residents. The Best “B” wing was determined to be the best location. As a result of this decision, York Care Centre received permission to reduce the number of beds by two in order to accommodate a dining room for this unit.




  • York Care Centre presently has 218 beds
  • York Care Centre consists of three separate buildings joined by surface tunnels.
  • The Friendship center was added in 1995
  • Major renovations began in 2005 with the approval of a 12.6 million dollar refurbishment plan which will greatly increase our complement of private rooms and provide newer more spacious accommodations. In October 2007, the government announced the approval of Phase 2 which completed the redevelopment of York Care Centre.  The $21.8 million renovation and 10 bed expansion began in June 2008. This is an affirmation of York Care Centre’s ambitious goal to being a Centre of Excellence in long-term care.
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