Family Advocacy

York Care Centre Family Advocacy Group

We are a positive, supportive and complimentary partner to York Care Centre.

Family Advocacy Meeting:
The last Wednesday evening of each month @ 7:00 pm

Family Advocacy Chairperson: Greg Doucet


We act as a support group for family members and friends who have residents at York Care Centre:
A. By sharing our experiences, knowledge and information when a new resident is first admitted and throughout their stay.
B. By recognizing and showing appreciation for staff and volunteers at York Care Centre who provide their time and effort.

We provide feedback from a family perspective to the management of York Care Centre regarding issues which are considered important to the residents, family and friends.

We stay informed about issues and activities which could affect the quality of health services and enjoyment of the residents of York Care Centre and act as necessary by lobbying government, community groups and/or unions.

We liaise with management at York Care Centre and provide input on issues considered important to them and the Family Advocacy Group members.

What does a Family Advocacy Group do?

We share our thoughts and experiences and promote our ideas and actions to enhance the quality of health services and support for our residents, families, friends and staff of York Care Center.

How do we come together?

The group comes together the last Wednesday evening of each month at the Centre. Everyone is welcome! There is a chairperson and vice chairperson who have the responsibility of planning the meeting agendas from feedback from the group.

What kind of support can I expect at these meeting?

Most evenings we plan for a guest speaker to provide you with information on topics that are of interest to you as a family member of a resident.

This is also an opportunity for you to share any ideas or concerns about the services your resident is receiving. Remember that part of our role is to help to improve the quality of care provided in a respectful manner.

You will meet other family members and share their experiences with their resident that may be similar to what you are experiencing. Support can come from just talking to someone else who is experiencing a similar situation.

Also the group can broaden your network of contacts should you need to reach out to someone

What kind of advocacy does the group do?

We provide feedback from a family perspective to the management of York Care Centre on issues of importance to families and residents. As a group we may agree to undertake a worthwhile project to seek greater change than just within York Care Centre. We may join the voices of other organizations to facilitate better resources and supports for seniors and disabled adults.

Do we have to volunteer or fundraise?

The Family Advocacy Group does not fundraise or recruit volunteers. We are here to support each other, support our residents and the staff of York Care Centre and participate in future growth. If you are interested in fundraising and volunteering there are opportunities to do so within the York Care Centre programs.

Please come and be a part of our group, have your voice heard and join your voice with others to make a difference.

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