At York Care Centre, we strive to meet the needs and enrich the lives of your loved ones. We are not just a nursing home, but a thriving community of professionals dedicated to creating an environment of care and nurturing.

We strive to provide the highest level of quality care and service for our residents in our warm, secure and nurturing home-like atmosphere.

Our residents enjoy knowing that we are sensitive to their individual needs and respect their desire to maintain their dignity and be as independent as possible.


  • York Care Centre has been an ideal partner for us in educating our nursing students. York Care Center provides a rich environment for our first and fourth year students through modeling exemplary care of the elderly. The entire staff at York Care provides a welcoming environment for students and faculty and consistently works with us to ensure that our special needs for orientation are met.

    Gail Blair Storr RN, PhD
  • I have seen the York Manor in its earlier life and have seen it a few years later.  It has truly been through a great Transformation in Caring for Seniors.  I would be pleased to have this staff caring for my loved ones.  There is a great feeling of Family throughout the Staff, Administration, Volunteers  and Governance.

    Fred Beairsto


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